Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting and Maintenance

ArvinRyu provides Website Hosting & maintenance services for your business website, at an affordable rate, as needed.

We know hosting is the backbone of any website and it should be reliable, blazing fast and secure. We take our hosting very seriously. We don’t offer cheap website hosting.

Our facilities are serviced by multiple, diversely routed connections for highly redundant connectivity with 24×7 network monitoring. Our server farm consists of a multiple server setup with load balancing equipment and redundant hardware to ensure system integrity and uninterrupted uptime. Industry standard Cisco routers and switches provide performance while scheduled tape backups keep your data archived.

Your critical data is protected around the clock. Having your website hosted in Canada gives site owners the benefits of Canada's security, political stability, and strict privacy laws.

Website Hosting Options

  • Server Monthly Hosting (12-month agreement)
  • Server Monthly Hosting (24-month agreement)
  • On-site Weekly Full Backup
  • On-site Daily Rotation (Weekly Full, Daily Incremental)
  • Off-site e-Backup (configurable, up to real-time, 10GB of data)
  • Standby Virtual Server (20GB of data)
  • Risk Assessment Audit

Four reasons to choose our hosting

  1. Reliable Hosting
    We offer secure and reliable website hosting for any size company.
  2. 24 Hour Support
    Our hosting packages come with 24-hour support for website issues.
  3. 99% Uptime
    Your website needs to be live all the time and your site will be there for your customers.
  4. No Hidden Costs
    Simple straight forward pricing with all your hosting needs and full support.

Website Maintenance

Depending on what type of site you own, you may need to provide consistently updated content so that customers know what’s new and that there is something on your website they should come back to see. To keep your sites technology up-to-date, and for required functionality edits as well as search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, you’ll require some amount of website maintenance.

We take a logical approach to website maintenance because it is the largest part of our customer service work. We provide some level of maintenance for almost all the sites we develop. Our response time is fast, content edits are often performed the same day, and site enhancements that require a developer are usually addressed within a week. Of course all this varies on the complexity of the request, but you can rest assured knowing that your site maintenance is what you need done right.